Merchants Association

Claiborne Merchants & Business Association

Claiborne Avenue has an enduring legacy as the one of the most vibrant and successful commercial districts in the city of New Orleans, attracting visitors from throughout the southeast region.  The building of the elevated I-10 Expressway along the corridor resulted in the closing of 326 black-owned businesses on the street and the deep disinvestment which followed saw the remaining businesses struggle to survive for almost fifty years. 

But survive we have! And today, as Claiborne Avenue experiences new growth and resurgence, it is being led by the neighborhood-serving businesses who have remained as anchors of their community.  Led by Joan Rhodes, of the Rhodes Funeral Home, Claiborne Avenue Merchant and Business Association has members with family businesses over a hundred years old, as well as new and daring entrepreneurs making their mark. We love connecting our membership to training and capacity building opportunities as we build our vision and voice.

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Ujamaa EDC